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03 August 2009 @ 10:04 pm
My mom heard Wondergirl's Nobody on Wowowee.
Now she wants the song on her phone and ipod. D:
I wasn't expecting to hear that there...
I still laugh at the fact they're touring with the Jonas Brothers. X"D

I WANT NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU. -clapclap point clap-
01 August 2009 @ 12:06 am

I like this duet, really. c: Jonghyun's voice is way too powerful for Jessica's soft voice though. XDD Onew's voice is better with Jessica's, tbh. rant on pairings srryCollapse )

I need to get into Super Junior more. I don't know like 4-5 of them, but other than that, I got almost all of them! Kyuhyun was the first, lol good times in school. OH. HEY. I PUT HIM ON MY TILE. lol just memories~Collapse )
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27 July 2009 @ 12:00 am
I've had new hair for a little bit ever since my 8th grade dance. My best buddy cut it. Dunno why I trusted her, but I've been growing to like it. I hated it at first cause I was like "OH NO MY BANGS DISAPPEARED D:" She only cut my bangs, btw, not all my hair.

Good? Bad? Sometimes I want my old hair back though... Like like, this.

lol, I look like such a little kid, but this was all within a year. Oh oh, and since all these pictures are mirror pictures, you can see my little piggy charm on my phone. I've had it for almost a year now. There's a strap that says rabbit though. Yeah, weird, I just made it like that. My piggy got dirty for the time I've had it too. Not as clean as when I first got it. I got during my last day in the Philippines c: In the recent pictures though, it doesn't have the orange scarf cause my nephew like... idk, took it off and misplaced it without my acknowledgement. He's only 18 months old anyways lol. And I'm expecting another baby from my big sister~ :D Even after her miscarriage, she still wants more!

I've been in new fandoms lately too. XD Fandoms in Korea. Fandoms with boys in bed together.

Yes, just look at their hands.♥ Yaay SHINee!! c: Sorry, I'm too lazy to get the picture of Minho and Jonghyun together, so there's only Onew+Key+Taemin there. I like their remix of Juliette too. Except for the part of Jonghyun's high note. That's like no :x Better originally. Everything else is really nice. I like it. :D The SHINeexSNSD collabaration was awesome, mainly for the fact that I love seeing Key all diva-y. The girl touching didn't affect me too much either. Sooyoung seriously makes me think of Tegoshi of NEWS though. I have no idea why... It's probably just the short hair. Anytime other than recently in Genie she doesn't resemble him. It's just now. It's 1:30am right now, so I'll go sleep now. :3
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21 June 2009 @ 11:44 am
No more schoool! I went to Six Flags Great Adventure with my 8th grade class 2 weeks ago, and that was fun! Then two days after that was my 8th grade dance, and it was all formal-y and the school was decorated so pretty~ Maybe I'll upload pictures of my dress. I got a haircut that day too. Not really, my friend just chopped off my bangs. I hated it at first, but I started to like it now. Then I graduated middle school woohoo! Class of 2009~ Yaaaay it's finally summer ;www; Too bad that the weather outside is terrible and it'll be like that for a while. =__=; BUT~ I can relax and sit on the computer to catch up on fandom with this bad weather. :D So wait, Ryutaro's been stalked for over a half a year? Great thing to see when I come back to HSJ. .___.; Oh well, at least the guy's arrested. My poor Ryuuchan~ Anyways, it's Inoo's birthday, and from what I remember, it's now been one year since I've been in the HSJ fandom! I remember that I saw them just roaming around the internet and then I looked at Inoo's birthday and I'm like "Hey, that's today! Nice way to remember when I found out about these guys!" BUUUTT... I don't get anything about this NYC thing. I need to look into that more... On a different note, I've been playing Sims 3 a lot for my first 3 days of summer vacation. :D
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26 April 2009 @ 12:22 am
Too much is going on~! NEWS single and HSJ DVD and like millions and millions of other things. It sucks that this goes on during big NJ ASK test week. I hate that test I feel like I'll do terrible. ;__;

Well, so far, I only got around to watching the NEWS Music Station performance just this second. I checked the NEWS community in the afternoon before HSJ so I ended up getting new NEWS things before HSJ. XDDD But anyways, it seems cool to have one of those A, B, or O balloons or w/e things. I lol'd at Massu's random fan sunglass taking. XDD And then Massu messing up and seeking Shige for help~ XD Oversized Koyama bow is great great great~ XDDDD Maybe even better than his oversized sunglasses in the PV. And man, Pi's hair is always lovely. My men must always have hair as hot as that.

I'm going to end up holding off the HSJ DVD and the NEWS Winter Party Diamond part of the LE single for like at least a week I bet. Unless I can fit all those things after school during the NJ ASK test. I'll probably stay up late tonight and download all these things.
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18 April 2009 @ 12:57 am
Today I was forcefully woken up at 8am to go to the mall at 9am. Yeah, that wasn't fun waking up so early since I think spring break should be about sleeping in late. D< I went to the mall, and it was empty and awkward. No one was there, like at all. Either everyone else has school, since my district is like the only one having spring break now, or everyone is smart enough to sleep in late. I'm a lazy person~ The two people working at Delias were shoving pants in my face saying "you're too small for a 3/4!" Buddy, I'm too big for a 1/2, what else do I get? D< I ended up spending only $50, getting two shorts and two shirts. $50 includes all my cheap discounts I used.

Yeah, after the mall, I was rushed to go the movies with my friends Victoria and Lexi to see 17 Again. Zac Efron, yes, lol. I loved that kid I don't remember his name in the movie. He's Lucas from Hannah Montana though. >D Yeah, the kid who cheats. Hooorray! He burps because he's nervous. He has tummy issues! That was the highlight of the movie for us. After the movie was normal hanging out with them~ Playing outside, being picked up, forcing people to give me piggyback rides, playing the sims, hiding in closets. The usual.

New NEWS new NEWS news~ yaaay new song~ Labyrinth is amaazing♥ AH THAT WAS AN INSTANT LOVE FOR THAT SONG.

Other than that, right now, I'm very very cold. It seems like too much of a cold night for having such a warm day. D: But hey, coldness adds to shakey-ness. And shakey-ness somehow leads to extra fangirl coming out.
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15 April 2009 @ 03:03 pm
The Koi no ABO PV is NEWS on drugs. It explain the weird effects, right?
Is it me or does it seem like there's a lot of Koyama?
But I love him this hard that it's believable that I'd think there's a lot of him.

I miss my Koyama NEWS.♥ D: But then I miss HSJ, too. I think I've been trying to get back into NEWS that I started to neglect HSJ. This is tough. I love Ginza Rhapsody lately though. ;w; It's terribly great~ I love Koyama's voice for some reason. I laugh at the fact that Pi is suppose to be a woman in the song.

This spring break has been so boring that it's killing me. :x I'm gonna try to come back to life on LJ just to pass time. I think I'm going to change my journal layout in the mean time.

I got report cards. Yaay~ My lowest grade was a 96 in ILA. Algebra was a 99, science was a 98, social studies was a 97. I'm proud of myself. Stupid computer class was my only satisfactory in my efforts. D< Everything else was outstanding though. Oh man, but I have state tests soon. I hate them. It's taken too seriously. D<

halp im so bored.
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